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Welcome to MindMap Maker Forum. Found a bug please let us know. Think mind map maker lack a feature please give us a feature request.
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I love this tool so thank you.

I have created a very large mindmap with many branches and it's getting very crowded. I would like to be able to click a parent branch and have it link to another mind map where it would become the central idea so that it has more room so that I can expand it more and make it easier to read. Is that possible?
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Hi, thanks for trying our app.

The feature that you mentioned, that is, linking one mindmap to another is in our to-do list. Hopefully, it will be added in the future version.
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Hi when do you think this feature will be available?
There are some restrictions for this feature to be implemented in current environment. Hopefully it can be added soon.

As a workaround you can use 'Edit Urls' function to add a link to another mindmap.
Can you please explain how to do this I don't see how you can add a link to a json file with a URL link.
When will this feature become available directly as I find it important.
This can be done as follows:

1. Create a mindmap and store it as a mindmap in public storage. This new mindmap will be available in the form as http://app.mindmapmaker.org/#mmxx . Store this map address in new node's urls list.

2. Hence from a node, it can be easily available via 'urls' list of that node.