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Hi, I would like to create links to files (.html, .pdf) which are located on my hard disk so that I can easily open those files (documents) for reference. This works fine for hyperlinks with "edit URL" to web pages but I did not find out how to do it with local files (through attachment?). In particular I would like to give a relative link so that it wil work on the different computers in which I will have synced the mindmap and linked files.


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You can actually store those links using 'Edit Url' function.

First you should know how to write url to your local files. For instance, if you have a file named 'sample.pdf' residing at 'C:\', the url to that file is, 'file:///C:/sample.pdf'.

Another way to get the url of a local file is to open that file in your browser. Your link bar will show the url to that file. You can copy paste this. Remember, these are not relative links but actual links. If you are copying files among different computers file urls need to stay in tact. For instance, if you have files in C drive in one computer, it should be in C drive in other computers too. Otherwise, if the files are in diffent drive, the links will be broken and you won't be able to open. There is no way to put relative links.

You can get to a local file by clicking on that link using 'Edit Url' function. It will be opened in a new tab. Some browsers don't open local files as a security measure. In that case, you have to copy paste the url manually and put up it in a new tab.
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OK thanks for the prompt answer. Actually relative links would be very useful for me because I'm trying to use a personal information system with mindmaps pointing to files with information (.html, .pdf etc). I'm using owncloud to keep files synced, similar to dropbox: this tool syncs files from my server to the different platforms that I use: my PC, my android tablet etc. If the mindmap was pointing to files with relative links  it would be great because links would work on all platforms while absolute links are an issue because storage path on my PC would be different from that of my android tablet, windows and linux PC. Any workaround?  Thanks
Relative links to offline resources (like files inside your pc) is difficult to implement, because browsers don't support it as for security reasons. Some browsers even don't let you open offline files directly.

One workaround is, if the file size is smaller, you can upload the file to a server. For instance, say xyz.com. Then you can get the url to this file like, xyz.com/sample-file.pdf and use this url everywhere.
OK thanks, but in that case I cannot access the file offline right?
No, you can't access it offline then.
Actually my chrome browser does open local files: I have a local html page with the following link:
The local .pdf file opens ok when I click on the link (I use Linux/ubuntu as OS).
I tried to copy the address above in the edit URL place of the mindmap but it doesn't work and
when I back copy the link it has become "http://../asset-v1_D%2bD001x%2b3T2015%2btype%40asset%2bblock/Ch_1_clip_1_summary.pdf" ie an http has been added in front.
So is there a way to have this link copied to a node and be able to open my document as the browser doesn't seem to be the limiting step??
I mentioned in the first reply, for local files, add 'file:///' before the urls.

Otherwise, open 'Ch_1_clip_1_summary.pdf' in your browser. The address bar will show the correct link for that file. Use this address in 'Edit Urls'. Doesn't it have 'file:///' at the start?
file:///   does not work in mindmapmaker to point to local files while it works when entered in the browser's address bar and also in an html page!
Mentioned in the first reply, "some browsers don't open local files as a security measure. In that case, you have to copy paste the url manually and put up it in a new tab."