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Hi, I edited a confidential document and would like to share with a contributor and would like to know if using the sharing features if I enter the email or if there is a community where everyone will have access? If I don't have control over the map users I created how can I undo this share command after I triggered it? Can I express myself in Portuguese?

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I don't know Portuguese. Sorry.
If it is a confidential document, you should save it in Google Drive storage. If it is in Mindmapmaker storage, anyone with the link can open it.
If you saved your document publicly in Mindmapmaker storage, you can share this document with your colleagues by simply sharing the URL, which would be like https://app.mindmapmaker.org/#m:mm
If you have saved your map in Google Drive and want to share it with others, please follow these steps.
1. Save your document in 'Google Drive'.
2. Click on 'Share Via Drive' and then enter names or email addresses of the users you wanna share.
You can also share the document directly from 'Google Drive' by vising https://drive.google.com .
Now If you have shared this document with others and would like to revoke it, visit https://drive.google.com . Right click on the file and click 'Share'. There you have option to add new users or delete the existing users.
Hope it is helpful.
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