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I am not sure if it's a bug or a feature request, so let's start solid:

At this time, I have a solid parent node, and a dashed child node. Pressing "Inherit" on the child does not work.

Further, I "feel" that the "inherit" is not used efficiently here: I think inherit should be a drop-down option (not an action), and that that *everything* should inherit the root node (so, changing one-off all borders is trivial), and root node needs to be set to something (or, inherit global aka e.g. dotted).

Then, if someone wants to explicitly set a node, can do so (as it is now done).
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I checked it from my end and see that 'inherit' function is working for 'Border shape'. Pressing 'inherit' on the child will not work. You have to press 'inherit' on the parent node and the its child nodes will be modified.
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That's not so much "Inherit", but more like "Bequeath".

Not that it is wrong or right (both functions can be equally useful), but action name "Inherit" can be misleading without explicitly reading the documentation beforehand.