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Welcome to MindMap Maker Forum. Found a bug please let us know. Think mind map maker lack a feature please give us a feature request.
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Hello! Mind Map Maker is an excellent tool, thank you for developing it! Would you be willing to add "White" to the font colors?

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Hi Ezra,
I have added 'white' color option to all color picker dialogs.
It is there in the latest version.
Note: Your webapp could be still running the older version. Inorder to upgrade it to the latest version, load the app, ie, app.mindmapmaker.org in your browser, and wait for 5 mins according to your connection speed. A popup will say, 'there is an latest version available. would like to load it?' click 'yes' and you will be upgraded.
If there is some problem, and you are not in the latest version, try running the app from a browser, where you have never used or like from another computer.
Let me know, if you are concerned with anything else.
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