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I have personal and business Google Drive accounts. Mind Map Maker currently opens and saves files to my personal Google Drive. How can I have Mind Map Maker point instead to my business Google Drive account - so I can open / save from that account instead? When I attempt to open a Mind Map Maker .json file from my business Google Drive account, Mind Map Maker gives an error message. When I choose the Documents > Open and Documents > Save As and select "Google Drive", I get a file menu from my personal Google Drive account, with no means to switch to my business account.
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Mindmapmaker saves to currently logged in google account. This account should have been opened in other browser tabs/sessions as well.

To choose you business account, logout from google accounts from other tabs (gmail or whatever service you are using) and try logging to mindmapmaker again. When you save in google drive again, you get to choose new account.
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This approach worked, thanks! I logged off both the business and personal accounts, then had Mindmapmaker log into the Google business account when prompted.