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Dear Azeem

hope you don't mind if i email you directly with a mind map question.


i have used various mapping programs ( mindjet and freemind ) and yours looks really intuitive and best of all we can share on Google Drive


i have not spent a lot of time making new maps as i want to import my old maps and edit them and share them on your platform


does your platform support importing from mndjet with extensions .mmap and from freemnd with extensions .mm and if so, where is the documentation to do this? 


best regards


Sam Parisette

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thanks for your mail.
sorry for the time being, we dont support importing mindmaps from other applications.
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any copy and paste solution to import from other mindmaps??
As this function work inside very well in your app.
Sorry. Copy and Paste method cannot be used to import maps from other mindmap applications.