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I've been using the mapping tool you've got.  I've tried a few web-based mind mapping tools but I like yours the best so far.  One of the key features I'm using is attaching images.  I use a lot of images (graphs, charts, etc) because I'd like to use this as sort of a presentation tool.  Most of the other apps don't offer much flexibility in terms of attaching images.  

I think I've figured out most of the features of your's but I still have a few questions for things I can't figure out so I was hoping you could help.
1) How to control the order of the layering of images.  For example, I have several nodes at the same level and each has a child node with an image.  I want the second one I open to appear on top of the first one.  Is there any way to control this?  
2) Focus control.  I was wondering if there is a way to automatically bring an image or a node into the middle of the screen when it's selected.  Some others (like MindVectorweb.com) employ this feature and I find it really helpful.  It prevents me from having to keep moving the nodes and images so they can be easily viewed.
3) See below.  When I have my Chrome zoom set to 90% or 100%, part of the border color pop-up in the Inspector window is blocked by the top of the window area and is not accessible.  And, I can't move the Inspector window past the bottom of the page.  Hopefully, you see what I mean.
Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!
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Thanks for your feedback. The mentioned features are not implemented yet. We shall try to implement it. Thanks.
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