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  Hello, Azeem, I hope everything is going all right.  I have been looking for mind mapping software and ended up finding the Chrome extension for MMM.  It looks nice, and even better, it's OSS.  But people seemed to complain about bugs and whatnot, so I did some research and I found that you continued Richard's work, which is under AGPLv3 (i.e. Affero).

    In short, you *have* to make the source code available if it has been modified and the product is used over a network.  You are bound by license terms to do that.
    I'm not a lawyer.  I know that you're doing your best to make this work, made the forum, answer many questions, etc.  I know.  I also found an answer in the forum where you said that "you were working to publish your modifications".  You should make it happen as a first priority.
    I can give you a hand with the Github account if that's what you want.  I'm a Debian developer since 2001 and I've had my fair share of revision control systems, licensing, and many others.  If you've been maintaining a private repo with your modifications, I can help you merge it into a fork from drichards GH account.
    I can help you to make that happen, but please stay in touch and *publish your code*.  As a side effect, you will be surprised to see how many people contribute bugs and enhancements.
    I'll be here to help you!




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i'm looking for that too.