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Welcome to MindMap Maker Forum. Found a bug please let us know. Think mind map maker lack a feature please give us a feature request.
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I had saved my map in Google Drive. When I go there are try to open it, it gives me a page of text and the option to open wiht Mind Map Maker. When I click that, it brings up the authorization box and asks me to log into my google account. Then it takes me to a blank map and says Network Error: unable to fetch map.

Does this mean I've lost all my work?

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No. Save that map as file from Google Drive. Then choose 'Open'->'From File'. Then open this file. Then resave it in Google Drive.
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Thanks for the response. It wouldn't let me save at all, but while i was trying that it occurred to me to disable a browser extension - Privacy Badger - and that resolved the problem.