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After updating to newer version of MMM, it is giving an error when I try to open existing map from Google Drive.

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I had saved my map in Google Drive. When I go there are try to open it, it gives me a page of text and the option to open wiht Mind Map Maker. When I click that, it brings up the authorization box and asks me to log into my google account. Then it takes me to a blank map and says Network Error: unable to fetch map.

Does this mean I've lost all my work?

asked Feb 27, 2018 in Bugs by Smita

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No. Save that map as file from Google Drive. Then choose 'Open'->'From File'. Then open this file. Then resave it in Google Drive.
answered Feb 27, 2018 by mindmapmaker (6,020 points)
Thanks for the response. It wouldn't let me save at all, but while i was trying that it occurred to me to disable a browser extension - Privacy Badger - and that resolved the problem.