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Welcome to MindMap Maker Forum. Found a bug please let us know. Think mind map maker lack a feature please give us a feature request.
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Hi Azeem.
Today I got a new Mindmaps update that is prevent me from studingin the best way. 
First, the "Save As" menu is not opening anymore. Secondly, the ads footer is too big, taking too much of the usable screen, and I'm unable to close it.
I really enjoy the updates you did to Mindmaps and I believe you may ask for something in return of your hard work, but to force Ads down to your users, without giving an alternative, does not look like the best way.
There is another thing that makes me ansious about using Mindmaps. Since I was unable to find the source code with your Mindmaps version, I'm afraid you might lose interest some day, and I lose access to my mind maps. Is there an open source somewhere or are you planning on sharing it someday?
Thank you.
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1. To disable ads, do this. Try installing this chrome extension to disable ads.


2. The 'Save As' is not working because the app is not properly updated in your browser. Try the following.

i. In chrome browser, goto, chrome://appcache-internals/

There you will see app.mindmapmaker.org Remove that item.

Then goto app.mindmapmaker.org again. It will then install the updated copy of the app.

Let me know if it works.

3. Also try this. Inorder to delete the old version of mindmaps from your browser. Click, Chrome Menu->More Tools->Clear Browsing Data... Click on 'Advanced' and select 'All Time' from Time Range. Then select all items in the box to properly remove the mindmap app from your browser. It will take some time to clear the browser. Then relaunch http://app.mindmapmaker.org Check if the app is okay now. Regards,

I will make the source code available soon. I shall upload it to some place like GitHub.


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I will make the source code available soon. I shall upload it to some place like GitHub.

Your issue is solved?

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1. I don´t use this kind of software because I want you and others to make money. I just would like an arrow to close the ads after I saw it.

2.i. Didn´t work.

3. Worked, thank you.

I´m glad to rear you will upload it to GitHub. Just waiting to star it and start to create issues and, who knows, some PRs.

Also, since we are talking, here goes one thing I miss a lot in Mindmapmaker: To be able to drag and drop a child node to another parent node.
Some times I create a child with a lot of other children in the wrong node and would like to be able to drag and drop this hole subtree to another parent node. Right now I need to recreate all the nodes or just forget about it when it´s too much.

Thank you for this awesome app.

We shall try to implement what you asked for. That is, putting an link or icon where you can close the ad. Till it is implemented, I recommend using Ad Blocker sent to you.

To be able to drag and drop this hole subtree to another parent node,  There is a shortcut to move one sub-branch to another branch. Click the root of the sub-branch you want to move/copy. Click 'Edit'->'Copy'. Then select another branch and click 'Edit'->'Paste'.

This way the whole sub-branch is copied to the new sub-root. You can then later delete the sub-branch from original location.

About the ad, I know how to open the developer tool and just delete the ad element, so not big deal for me, just for the other users who don´t know.

About Edit/Copy I could not find this Edit/Copy option in the mindmaker interface or Chrome menu, but then I tryed to Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V, and it just worked, and I now I´m  feeling dumb for not trying something so simple before hehe. Thank you so much to poit me in the right direction. Now I shaw go back to some maps to fix it.


Copy/Paste option is available in 'Edit' menu in mindmaps.