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Hello Azeem, 

My name is Giulia. I lost an important mindmap I have been modifying this past two weeks. Its name was BIM: TEMA 1. I really need it back. I can't find it anywhere. Is there an URL I can use? If not, how can I get access to all the public MindMaps you have in your server? 
Thank you, 
Looking forward to hearing from you soon, 
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May I know where did you save it? Mindmaps server or Google Drive or Where?
I recommend you to save your future maps in Google Drive.
Abdul Azeem
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I couldn't authorize because no new window comes up
ok. I dont know whats causing that..
however it's ok if I save it as a file but how can I reload it to MindMap app in case I don't find it anymore in your server as last time?

I mean, having it in this format I just see letters. No map. I would like to know if I could transform the file into a map by putting it again like "Insert mindmap" or smth like that to get the tree from the file. Am I explaining it right? do you understand me?
Mindmaps can understand this format. Try opening it with Open->From File and choose this file.
it will be properly opened. try now
Mindmaps can read the actual map from that file. Try it
Yes!! great

thank you Azeem!

Have a nice day !