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Bug in inserting images

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Bug: From the second image inserted in a node's attachment, the app insert the first image with dimension of the current

How to reproduce: open a node's attachment, insert the first image  -> all is ok; if you insert another image the app shows the first image but with dimension of the image I would insert (the second). This happens with successive images

Trick to resolve: I save the work, close the tab in which is running the app, reopen the app and reopen the project but is time-wasting (a lot of time). I use Chrome
asked Nov 7, 2014 in Bugs by anonymous

1 Answer

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Thanks for sharing the workaround. We use third party library (ckeditor) for the attachment widget. We shall look into the problem and hopefully solve it soon.
answered Nov 7, 2014 by mindmapmaker (5,980 points)
There are news about this bug?
I am also facing the same issue. Any fix for this other than the workaround?
The workaround is to quit mindmap and try inserting it once more.