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Just last week I found your Mindmap Maker and I'm looking if it is any usable for me. I'm using a Chromebook and am having problems with login in to my Google Drive account.
When I want to save a document to the Drive the pop-up with the authorization will come up and when I accept  the dialogue I can choose which account I will use there are two users on this Chromebook) and after choosing the authorization dialogue will come back again.
When opening a file from Drive I have almost the same problem, the difference is that there is no loop. After choosing an account the dialogue is just stopped and I don have the possibility to open a file.
Are you familiar with this problem? Do you know how I can get this working with the Googl Drive?
Thanks in advance and looking forward for a solution.


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Try the following couple of steps and check if it is working.

1. Click on the menu at top right and click 'New incognito window' (Ctrl+Shift+N). This will open a new window. Then try use the mindmap maker app and save it in Google Drive. If this step is not working, check the following way.
2. Click Menu (at top right). Then click 'More Tools->Clear browsing data...'
Click 'Advanced' and then select 'Time Range' as 'All Time'. Select all options beneath it. Then select 'Clear Data'.
Then try use the mindmap maker app and save it in Google Drive.
If both steps are not working, let me know.
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