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My Map restored an earlier version of itself - progress gone?

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I was working on my MindMap when for some reason I refreshed the Chrome Tab the app was running in.

After that my Map only showed a yesterday's version, when the Map was only half the size.

Do you have cached files of all MindMaps saved and could restore mine?

It happend roughly around Sunday, 7 October 2018 22:00:20 CEST (Check in your Timezone).

The Central Idea was GMU and it looked something like this:

Picture of screen around 21:30 CEST

(Picture of screen around 21:30 CEST)



Thank you

asked Oct 10, 2018 in Bugs by tomfii

2 Answers

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I will check it and restore it and give you maps filename. It will take some time. Give me a couple of hours. Let me check.

Give me your email address so that I can send you the map filenames. Okay?
answered Oct 10, 2018 by mindmapmaker (6,020 points)
[reply deleted]
Can you tell me where did you save it? In Mindmaps public server or Google Drive?
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I am not able find maps with Central Idea: 'GMU'. May I know where did you save it? Mindmaps Public server or Google Drive?

Please send me exising map you have with Central Idea: 'GMU'. I shall search along with this idea.

You got me?

Waiting for your reply. Or email me at cvazeem(at)gmail[.]com
answered Oct 10, 2018 by mindmapmaker (6,020 points)