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Hi there!

first of all, thanks for this awesome tool.
But I'm having serious problems getting the attachment editor to work. It's not the attachment editor itself, it's that I can't seem to make the attachment (a node title and to paragraphs of text) visible within the node it belongs to, because that's what it's supposed to do, isn't it. I need the node title AND the paragraphs appear in the mindmap. If it's not meant to do that, what are attachments for? Where are they supposed to appear?
I'd very much appreciate your help!
Have a good day.
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Hi there,
thanks for your comments.
Btw, attachment wont be shown along with the node text. it will be in a separate window.
click on a node and click on 'Attachment' button on inspector panel. it will bring a new window where you can add attachment.
to view the attachment again, select that particular node and click on 'attachment' buton on inspector panel again.
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It seems like you really should be able to bring up the attachment window by clicking or double clicking on the icon.