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I am trying out Mindmap for Chrome and plan to introduce it to people in a workshop.

Is there a way to move nodes and drop them into new structures in the same mind map? For example, to move a sub-structure and drop it into a different branch.

Thank you
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For inserting a node between, 'Parent' and 'Child', there is only one way to do it. By 'Copy and Paste' method only.
To add a node in between, do this.
i. Add a new node 'Parent II' to 'Parent'
ii.Copy the node 'Child'. Then click on node, 'Parent II' and click 'Edit'->'Paste'
iii. Then click on initial node 'Child' again click 'Edit'->'Cut'
iv. Now you see you have a new 'Parent II' node to 'Child'.
The above mentioned method is not so difficult to follow. It is easy.
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Newbie here and I was completely confused with you reply.

Here is the layman's terms explanation.

Let's say you have Main Idea => Level 1 => Level 2...
And you want to add an idea between Main Idea and Level 1.

Here is what you do:

1. You select Main Idea and add a Child, let's call is Level A,
2. You select Level 1 and 'Cut' it ('Edit'->'Cut'),
3. You select Level A and 'Paste'.

Now you should have moved all Level 1 and its subs under Level A.
If you have a problem, always remember this nifty application has an 'Undo' function.

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This worked perfectly.

Can the app cope with multiple people accessing/editing it at the same time, like a Google Doc?

Thank you
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Hi Paul,

Sorry, this feature is not implemented yet.

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No problem, I’m sure a feature like that will be complicated too!

You have created a really nice app which I will be using with a group at the University of Namibia next week.