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I'm using Mindmapmaker for a few years now, but since yesterday it won't open or store mindmaps I've stored in Google Drive.

When I try to open from Drive it says: 'Authenticating with Google' for a few seconds and then the workspace stays black.

When I start Mindmapmaker by going to the site, it won't contact my Google Drive to save.

Can you help me fixing this problem?

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I checked from my end and it seems to be working properly.

However one other person too reported this problem. Check here,

Due to a new upgrade from Google, it will not work with incognito mode.
Try these,
1. Use a new browser/computer and then try.
2. Try clearing browser data for all time. It is described in the above mentioned link.
3. I understand you don't want to mess with your current Chrome setup. You can do one thing. Add another chrome user. Thus it will have its own browsing data setup. You can use this new chrome browser to work with Mindmap Maker.
Check here to know how to add a new user.
Let me know if it is fixed.
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