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Hello Azeem, 

My name is Giulia. I lost an important mindmap I have been modifying this past two weeks. Its name was BIM: TEMA 1. I really need it back. I can't find it anywhere. Is there an URL I can use? If not, how can I get access to all the public MindMaps you have in your server? 
Thank you, 
Looking forward to hearing from you soon, 
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May I know where did you save it? Mindmaps server or Google Drive or Where?
I recommend you to save your future maps in Google Drive.
Abdul Azeem
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I saved it in the MindMap server.
Now I can't see it anymore. I attach you a screenshot where it should be a part of the 2 that are already there.

And it doesn't allow me to save it in Google Drive.
What is the error shown when you try to save map in Google Drive? Can you give a screenshot?

Can you do one thing? Right click on tha map file as you shown in screenshot. Then click 'copy link address'. Then send me the link address. I shall try to get the file from our server.

Abdul Azeem
Ok, that's the link address you asked: http://app.mindmapmaker.org/#m:mm5a230bf296094036bb609001976ed5

As you can see in Screenshot2 up to the left there is the message Authenticating with google. I click to Authorize but nothing happens. I am also logged in into Google Drive but no alert or new message comes in. Any idea why this happens?

You would really save me if you could find the Lost mindmap named BIM:TEMA 1 and help me saving the ones I did (there is a lot of work and hours spent in them).


Thanks Abdul

I can open the link you sent to me.  http://app.mindmapmaker.org/#m:mm5a230bf296094036bb609001976ed5

Check the screenshot.

I also saved it under a different url, check this too, http://app.mindmapmaker.org/#m:mm3d137a01cb0f4cd290b90958dfba

I dont know what is the problem with your end.

I also saved the file in Google Drive, click this link, and open it in MindMapMaker. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ugy5h3NWsaXO-Zh5ptZb8bSFNs3J

For saving in Google Drive, do this. Log out of all google accounts. Then use the MMM, and try to save the file again. Let me know if this works.

Abdul Azeem
I have attached your map as a file.

Open this file using Mindmaps->Open->From File.

Abdul Azeem
By saving it in google drive I can see what you see in Screenshot3.

The most important is getting back the LOST Mindmap named BIM:TEMA 1 not the one you sent me which is BIM:TEMA 2.

There is one left to find. Are you able to check out in the Public Server if you can get it back?

So you need mindmap,  BIM:TEMA 1. Is this showing anywhere while opening Open->Document ?

If so, send me the url of that mindmap,  BIM:TEMA 1


If it is not seen anywhere, let me know. I shall get it from our server.

Abdul Azeem
Also, check if you can save in Google Drive.

If so, continue to save in Google Drive from now on.

I have retrieved the link of TEMA 1 map. Here are the list. The first one shows the most recently saved file.


Abdul Azeem
Abdul you are the best! Thank you so so so much!!

Best regards,
You are welcome. :)

You can now save your maps as a file. Use Save As->File Then later open this file uaing Open->From File.


I tried saving the mindmaps as you said in File but nothing happens,,, it's a bit strange.

Can you explain me again how to save them in drive?

Thank you

Your app is not updated to the latest version. Try these two things.

Also try this.

In chrome browser, goto, chrome://appcache-internals/

There you will see app.mindmapmaker.org Remove that item.

Then goto app.mindmapmaker.org again. It will then install the updated copy of the app.

Let me know if it works. (File Save & Drive saving)


Also try this. Inorder to delete the old version of mindmaps from your browser.

Click, Chrome Menu->More Tools->Clear Browsing Data...

Click on 'Advanced' and select 'All Time' from Time Range.

Then select all items in the box to properly remove the mindmap app from your browser.

It will take some time to clear the browser. Then relaunch http://app.mindmapmaker.org

Check if the app is okay now. (File Save & Drive saving)


To save in drive, click Save As->Google Drive. Then click 'Authorize'. After clicking 'Authorize' it should bring a new window where you can authorize Google Drive. Let me know if it works.

Hey, it worked. The file saving I mean

But it come to format .json
yeah its okay. you can later open this .json format with Open->From File

ok. Google drive is working?
I couldn't authorize because no new window comes up
ok. I dont know whats causing that..
however it's ok if I save it as a file but how can I reload it to MindMap app in case I don't find it anymore in your server as last time?

I mean, having it in this format I just see letters. No map. I would like to know if I could transform the file into a map by putting it again like "Insert mindmap" or smth like that to get the tree from the file. Am I explaining it right? do you understand me?
Mindmaps can understand this format. Try opening it with Open->From File and choose this file.
it will be properly opened. try now
Mindmaps can read the actual map from that file. Try it
Yes!! great

thank you Azeem!

Have a nice day !