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hi parto paulo,

unfortunately there is no way in mindmapmaker to insert a parent in between two ideas. I have a case here where I need to insert a parent because I forgot there is an idea that needs to be the parent of an already created path. Is there a way for you to implement this?

Kind regards,

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It can be done indirectly.
I would like to be able to insert a node between two nodes.  As far as I can tell, the only way to do this is to delete the entire tree from the point where I would like to insert a node, then add a child, and then paste the whole tree under that node.
There is no direct way to do it.
However it can be done some other way. Follow these steps.
1. Copy the child node where you want to insert in between
2. Delete the entire tree from the point where youwould like to insert a node
3. Then add a child
4. Then paste the whole tree under that node.  
This is a cumbersome way to do that operation. But it works.
We shall try to implement a more direct way. 
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hey mindmapmaker,
thanks for taking the time. Yeah, shortly before out conversation I figured out by ctrl + x and then ctrl + v I have a viable workaround. thanks and have a nice day
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hey mindmap maker,
Unfortunately a friend of mine worked on my mindmap via google drive. He worked on it for over 1h, but he didn't press the Save button. Now everything is gone. Is there a way to recover it? Do you think you can implement an autosave feature in the near future?
Kind regards and take care
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Currently if you save in 'Localstorage', there is an option to save your work automatically every minute. This option is not available in other storage options.
We shall try to implement it.
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