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Welcome to Mind Map Maker, a free, fully HTML5-compliant with cloud support mind mapping webapp. This is a prototype of an HTML5 based mind mapping application.

It lets you create neat looking mind maps in the browser But did you know that it is a cool app? You can use the app wherever you are, everything happens inside your browser on your machine. This one is free, open source and it's full of HTML5 goodness. You spend most of your time inside your browser anyway. Why not create your mind maps here as well?

Mind Map Maker

We are pleased to let you know that Mind Map Maker Version 2.0 has been released. Mindmapping is now easier. Store your mindmaps in MindMaps free storage server. This way you get a permanent url for your mindmap which can be shared across the world for mindmap sharing. Share your mindmap via social media sites. Maps stored in server are read only and each time you save a new copy, a new file with a new url is created. Google Drive is supported natively and you can now attach rich text, images, videos to your mindmap nodes. You can also use Image Nodes and Connect non-related nodes.

You can now attach URLs to a mindmap and hand drawn images to individual nodes of a mindmap. There is a special drawing tool integrated to draw hand drawn images on the fly to your mindmaps. You can also set line width of individual connecting nodes of your mindmaps manually.

Features of Mind Map Maker

Keyboard Shortcuts
Using Image Nodes on mindmaps
Connect non-related nodes
Attach rich text/images/videos with new editor to mindmaps
Attach hand drawn image to a node of mindmaps
Attach URLs to a node of mindmaps
Using Google Drive with Mindmaps
Storage Options in Mindmaps
Change Font face, border styling and transparent nodes
Set line width of a connecting node manually of a mindmap
Export mindmap as pdf document using Chrome Browser

Mind mapping in general

Introduction to Mindmapping - Mind Map Maker
Characteristics of Mind Maps
Mind mapping guidelines
History of Mind Maps
Uses of Mind Mapping
Effectiveness in Learning

How to use our Mind Maps app

Creating a mindmap
Using Cloud Support
Special Functions of Mind Map Maker

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Features of Mind Map Maker Webapp