Using Cloud Support

To use Google Drive natively, check this document. To import from other services like Box, Dropbox or Google Drive (is provided just for convenience. You should use native way), read on.

One of the great features of Mindmap is that it is cloud supported. For the time being it supports cloud services like Google Drive, Drop Box and Box. More cloud services will be supported in the future.

While saving the mindmap, choose to save using Cloud: Dropbox. It is highlighted with the word "New!" as well as in green color.

Once you choose cloud, it opens the new cloud window. You have to register for any cloud service before using it. Most of them have free option and it will do enough for us.

Once you click, 'Let me use DropBox', it opens the Dropbox signing windows. You have to enter your usename and password for DropBox should you have one. You can create a new login as well.

Once you successfuly logged in, the Dropbox API asks you for permission to operate with Mindmaps.

Once you click 'Allow' the window closes itself and returns to our mindmaps app. From then on, you can simply save/open your mindmap files directly from Cloud! The same procedure is for opening files as well.